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Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Flick: Nick Symmonds Sets US Record in Beer Mile

Nick Symmonds was born in Boise, but he went to school in Salem and now trains in Eugene.  He was, earlier in the month, screwing around in London for some shindig they had there.  But his real achievement came Tuesday, when he set a US record in the beer mile (one beer before each of four quarter-mile laps).  The world record is 5:09, and Nick managed a 5:19; he was shooting for sub-five.  I'll tell you, looking at the tape the problem is clear: Nick's beer-drinking form sucks.  For one, he should be shotgunning those suckers, and for two, he should probably be drinking something other than Coors (though that's more an aesthetic, rather than athletic, judgment).

Nick selected the Linfield track in McMinnville for the feat.  Hayward Field wasn't available?  Anyway, here's the vid, which for some reason wasn't recorded by ESPN.


  1. fairly sure you're not allowed to shotgun for the beer mile.

  2. Shotgunning is specifically prohited in the Official
    Beer Mile Rules.

    These guys take their Beer Miles very seriously.

  3. No shotgunning! OUTRAGEOUS. What kind of mickey mouse operation is this?

  4. As a Linfield alum, I think it is a great location but the beers drunk should have rotated between Heater-Allen, Golden Valley and McMenamin's to support the locals. And maybe a Cascade sour in honor of Art's time at Linfield.