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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Mistrust this Review

Interesting email in the inbox today:

My name is Ryan and I am writing from  I just came across your website, which I enjoyed very much, and wanted to reach out to you to see if you might be a good fit to partner with us in some form. 

We run several high traffic beer sites with different focuses. Some sell personalized beer & bar products, from Das Boot to beer pong tables to licensed sports team glassware.  We also have some sites with links to great resources for people to find beer related businesses like bars, breweries, homebrewing groups, the best beer bloggers, etc.

We are interested in finding partners for the following
  • Beer experts & bloggers to review our products and give us write ups
  • Link &  banner partners
  • Partners we can run promotions & contests with
  • ....and any other ideas we can conjure up together

Note the section I've bolded.  I didn't reply, so I'm not totally sure what he had in mind.  Still, when partners are in the review business, something's not quite kosher.  Word to the wise--


  1. This practice is rampant in the mommy blogger world. Stay far, far away. Your blog is one of the few I can still read without cringing. Thank you for not selling out.

  2. All you need to do is GIVE them positive write-ups and they'll take care of you and your blog. Conflict of interest? What do you mean? Hell, there are people writing blogs who have invested in the breweries they're writing about. Then there are the blogs that are clogged with ads. Do you think their content is objective? I'm sure none of this stuff is a problem. No conflict of interest at all...anywhere.

  3. That may be true but I think it is inappropriate and unprofessional to name the sender. Especially without having followed up with them.

  4. A little note to Ryan—

    "Das Boot" means "The Boat" in German.

    Bierstiefel is what those boot shaped glasses are actually called. If you run several high-traffic beer sites, you might want to do a little research on your product.