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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Is Anyone Going to the Portland International Beer Fest?

Note: Sometimes when you drop a picture in a Blogger post, it garbles the text.  When you post-n-go, as I did, you miss all the people telling you that your text has been garbled.  Sorry!  All better now.

A long, long time ago, PIB rocked.
PIB comes to town tomorrow for its annual three-day stay.  I have always enjoyed the venue more than any other in town, but as imports become more widely available, the draw diminishes each year.  The line up is   not terrible (though it's also not great)--lots of the standards plus a few oddballs, but very little in the way of real international exploration.  But I fear the extortionist pricing that has become SOP for the fest.  (If you're not a link-follower, that previous one will take you to one of my rants about a $4 pour of Orval--when a full bottle can be had a the grocery store for $6.)

Especially since it ends just three days before the OBF, I'm unlikely to attend.  Anyone out there in geek land want to make a compelling reason why I should?


  1. Jeff, there seem to be some missing portions of this post.

  2. Surprisingly, this may be my first - though on Sunday - so I may have a more limited selection of beers than expected.

  3. Just to drink Deal with the Devil....yes.

  4. Thanks for the note on the garbled test. Fixed now.

  5. I can't argue with some of your points but I would argue that it is still better than the Spring, Beer and Wine Fest and the NAOBF.

  6. I don't know if you've looked at the pricing for the beers this year, but some of them are at 7 tokens (7!!!) for a taste. That's just obscene and I refuse to go. Just like I've stopped attending the Holiday Ale Fest for similar reasons.