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Monday, September 30, 2013

Fifth Annual Skamania Lodge Weekend of Beer

Can it be five years since Skamania Lodge launched their lovely autumn mini-fest?  I guess it can--and it happens this weekend.  I had the good fortune to go to the 2009 edition, and had a fantastic time.  The fest is held on the grounds out in front of the lodge and you have an almost unbelievable view of the Gorge.  There wasn't a spectacular selection of beers (though there are usually some Washington beers we normally don't see in Portland)--but that misses the point.  The Lodge and location is the focus--the beer is the pleasant tipple that enhances your enjoyment of the place.  If you have the time and bank, you can plan to stay overnight and enjoy some of the other events they have planned:
  • The fest itself, Saturday 10/5 from noon to 5.
  • Saturday Brewer's Dinner with Full Sail
  • Sunday brunch. 
All the details are here.  I don't have a taplist yet, but these are the participating breweries: Acadian Farms,  Amnesia,  Deschutes,  Dick's,  Full Sail,  Lompoc,  Big Horse,  Walking Man,  Backwoods,  Breakside,  Hopworks,  Double Mountain, and Mt. Tabor.


  1. Can't wait! I have attended every year and it's my favorite beer festival in the northwest!

  2. You're description reminds me a lot of the Oregon Garden Brewfest (which I went to for the first time this past year). I'll have to see about planning for Skamania next year.