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Friday, September 06, 2013

The Fresh Hops Are Coming

This is a bit fragmentary, but possibly informational enough for blogging purposes.  A recent Twitter exchange alerted me to what may be the season's first fresh hop beer: Laurelwood's Workhorse IPA.  Nice work, Vasili.  (It uses Centennials.)  That further reminded me that I recently learned what Deschutes had planned for the Portland pub's slate of fresh-hop ales, at least one of which makes me dance an involuntary jig.  (Guess.)  Here's the deets--keep your eyes peeled.
  • Oktoberfest, Willamette hops
  • Bitter, Tettnang
  • King Cone, Centennial and Cascade
  • Mirror Pond, Cascade
  • Saison, Meridian 

I also know that Full Sail is doing a pilsner with Cascades, similar to the normal-hop beer they released for the 26th anniversary.  So look for that one, too.  Now, if we can just drag Bill out of retirement, maybe he'll do his regular bang-up job of herding these evanescent darlings. 


  1. Bailey's had a 1/2-bbl of the Fresh Hop Workhorse on tap a week ago ...lasted all of about a day ;) It was tremendous, definitely had that fresh hop sheen.

  2. I friend of mine wants to know if there's a good app for iPhone that is about the different hops used in beer? You can respond on my blog-the colorado beer tour. Thanks.

  3. The fresh hop Workhorse is one of the better fresh hop beers I've had...ever. Only mildly earthly and moldy. I'm not sure if it was the first fresh hop beer of the season, but maybe. It was on for a few days at the Sandy pub, but I keep seeing it on tap around town. Vasili is the man.

    Over at Lompoc, Bryan is still waiting to go get his fresh hops...apparently their grower wasn't quite ready to harvest and then came the rains. Bryan hopes to have hops this week, but they are behind schedule. I'm pretty sure many places have fresh hop beers in fermenters. Ezra is concerned that some FH beers won't be ready for the Hood River Festival...

  4. Ninkasi will have two. The fresh hop version of Total Domination (+crystals) as well as a new Red Ale with fresh Sterling Hops.