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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Thanks to CBC, Portland Will Be Awash in Good Beer

Each April, an event known as the Craft Brewers Conference visits one lucky city. Thousands of beery types flow in, attending seminars that are mostly not interesting to the average beer fan ("How to Build a Brewery," "Best Practices in Brewery Date Coding," etc.). What is interesting, and the reason you should prepare your liver for a marathon of pub-going during the week of April 12-18, is that there are a ton of extremely cool events happening around town. For example:
  • The week of CBC, the Cascade Barrel House will have two bars and a food station on the production side of the brewery where they'll host "Sour Week," featuring wild ales from breweries across the country.
  • On April 15 from 2pm on, Gigantic hosts Gigantic and Friends at Apex Bar. They'll be pouring beers from Three Floyds, Solemn Oath, Lost Abbey, Beau’s All Natural, Sun King and Surly.
  • April 13-18, Breakside's Milwaukie brewery will be open from 11am - 8pm with " many of special barrel-aged, mixed culture, and library beers." The brewery is also releasing six collaboration beers with breweries from around the country (which will be pouring, along with collaborations from other national breweries, at the White Owl Social Club on April 16).
It goes on and on. Bailey's, Belmont Station, Roscoe's, Saraveza, and many more will be pouring special beers, A lot of this beer is not generally available in Portland, so it's an opportunity to travel around the country while staying right here in town.

Next week I'll try to post a complete(ish) list. (Email me at the_beerax(at) if you don't trust me to get your event on the list--and given my detail-herding skills, you shouldn't.) In the meantime, clear your calendar.

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