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Sunday, April 05, 2015

A General Note to All Breweries

This is a bit random, but it's also long overdue. I get a fair number of packages from breweries (mostly containing beer, but not exclusively). Nothing like Brian Yaeger or Ezra Johnson-Greenough, but still, one every week or two. Of course, I love beer and love getting beery deliveries, but I hate the yards of plastic bubble wrap and drifts of styro peanuts that collect in the basement waiting recycling. Some breweries send me a single 12 oz beer in a box that could hold a case of wine--cossetted way too safely in a bed of earth-destroying packaging.

By an imperial mile, the best packaging in the industry comes from Deschutes, which has these dandy little boxes:

They hold three 12-ounce bottles firmly and without chance of breakage (barring natural disaster)--and without a single peanut. (They also have a version that holds a single 22-ounce bottle.) In fact, there's only once small piece of packing tape on the whole box, which holds the top flap down once it has been tucked inside the box.

Takes 12 seconds to open, and the whole shebang goes in the recycling. Other breweries take note!

(The Pinedrops IPA? Not for me. It's a bit of a throwback style, with aggressive bitterness that, because it's so piney, is a bit harsh. A touch of sweetness helps mitigate this, but it's still all a bit much. Give me a Fresh-Squeezed IPA instead.)


  1. Good post. Some of the packaging I've seen is embarrassing and not environmentally friendly.

  2. I'll take all those over packaged beers. No problem. I have an extra big recycle box, so bring em on!!!!