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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

For Father's Day: The Beer Bible

Winner of a 2016
IACP award!
Dad is so hard to shop for. He basically doesn't want or need that much, and what he does want or need he's already purchased. Except! There is one item dads everywhere love--The Beer Bible. I kid around, but the truth is, this book has been a big hit with many fathers. I've heard about it on Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon. I've signed many copies for fathers. My own father loves it. (This may not seem like much, but I think the last book he read was in 1962.) He was genuinely surprised to find how much interesting info is in it. For awhile there, he was telling me interesting facts he'd picked up, as if I was unaware of them.

So please, consider visiting one of the finer online or brick-and-mortar retailers and pick up a copy for dad today.

As a bonus, I am happy to sign copies for those nearby or passing through Portland. Kitchen Kaboodle has some signed copies available, but if you're trying to buy one remotely, you'll have to call--their online site doesn't have them listed. Also, in a couple of instances, I have signed copies remotely by creating and scanning an inscription and sending it digitally. More than happy to do that, too. Just email and we'll get it done.

Dad will love it, I promise!

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  1. As an alternative, you can buy yourself a copy, and read select chapters to your dad over the phone. Because/if you're too broke to buy two copies *wink