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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Greetings From Copenhagen

A photographic tour of my trip junket* thus far.


At War Pigs, a joint venture of Mikkeller
and Three Floyds.
 (More after the jump.)

Impromptu tour of War Pigs. Note the hat.

War Pigs.

War Pigs.

The ink-stained wretches gather. Pete Brown
and Stephen Beaumont.

Martyn Cornell and Ron Pattinson.

Carlsberg Brewery.

Erik Lund, Carlsberg brewmaster.

Growing barley indoors.
An 1883 bottle from which...

...yeast wranglers like this cultured viable cells.

And made a beer we were all there to taste.
Stan Hieronymus and Evan Rail tasting the beer.

One of the four oldest (1847) lager cellars
beneath the brewery.

Bottles I discovered rummaging around one
of the old cellars. These probably date to
the 1920s or '30s, according to our guide.
Update: probably earlier (see comments).

More cellars.

*This trip paid was for by the Carlsberg Foundtion--basically entirely. They didn't pick up the tab at War Pigs, but assume they paid for everything else.


  1. Don't think those bottles are 1920's or 1930's. Wrong trademark.

  2. I doubt anyone's going to see this late reply to Ron's comment, but it looks like those bottles actually date back even earlier than the 20s or 30s--like back to 1903 or later.