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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Where To Find Me in September

I have been remiss in my self-promotion duties in the face of what turns out to be an unexpectedly active September. (Hey, I can hear your groans, you know!) Mark your calendars.

Klindt's Books, The Dalles, today, noon-3pm
Today, in just two hours, I'll be signing books at Klindt's Booksellers in The Dalles. (Oregon's oldest bookstore, dating back to 1870.) If you wanted to scramble and drive there--presuming you don't live in The Dalles--there's still time. I'll be there until 3pm.

Feast Portland
On Friday (9/16, noon) I will be joining a star-studded panel to discuss cider. Tickets are still available, and you should buy them to listen to Kevin Zielinski, Nat West, and Josh Bernstein.

On Saturday, from 1-2pm, I will be signing/selling books at the Grand Tasting. That event is sold out, so if you have tickets, come and say hi.

South Dakota Festival of Books, Sept 22-25
I'm doing several events at this book festival in Brookings, South Dakota. If you're anywhere nearby and interested, have a look at the events I'll be doing (click on the link) and see if any tickle your fancy. The guided tasting on Friday, Sept 23 is going to be super cool. We'll talk flavor elements, but we'll also talk national tradition and how you can spot it in your pint--or stange--glass.

An unexpected troll hit this post, and after a few exchanges, s/he (though one suspects "he") decided to retreat and delete all his comments. I was able to turn them off before he could delete the first one, so you can get a flavor of the conversation. 


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  2. Interesting. The above anonymous comment is a direct paraphrase of a comment I left on this post at The New School. I also got an email from Steiner disappointed in what I wrote. I have to wonder if the two are connected.

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  4. There's a difference. On that post, I offered a specific criticism of the way a person represented his business. I did so under my own name, so people could judge whether I had an agenda.

    You, by contrast, aren't offering any criticism; your comment expresses nonspecific anger, and that's about it. It's so vague I don't even know how to answer it. Furthermore, you do it behind an angry, profane ALL CAPS pseudonym that conceals your identity.

    So no, I don't think you're doing the same thing at all. Come out from underneath your anonymity, voice your actual pique, and let's discuss it. Otherwise, quit wasting my time.

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  7. You don't actually know the meaning of troll, do you?