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Monday, November 21, 2016

The Changing Market

I will be posting spottily this week--and you will probably be reading in the same mode. However, a Facebook post by Stephen Beaumont has been perking in my brain for the past few days:
US Beer numbers: In 2015, AB InBev & MillerCoors together lost over 4.34 million barrels of volume, equal to about 18% of craft beer market. If trend continues, and the US beer market overall remains stagnant, that makes room for 4 new Sierra Nevadas every year.
And will the trend continue? Yes, unless it accelerates.  Let us consider the trends:
Mass Market Lager: shrinking substantially
Imports: growing
Craft segment: slowing growth
Beer overall: shrinking marginally
All of this makes for an interesting and dynamic marketplace, which is the cause of both interest and (for some) anxiety.


  1. The price inflation of beer relative to wine and spirits has contributed much to the macro trend of beer unit volume declines. Eventually beer sales dollar increases are going to need to be driven by delivering excellent product and a cost of ethanol that is comparable to other forms of delivery.

  2. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!