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Friday, November 04, 2016

The Mysteries of Lambic

The Beervana Podcast rides again. (Sorry for the long delay. Life...)

In our most recent episode, Patrick and I discuss one of the crown jewels in the beer world. We cover turbid mashes, long boils, wild inculcations, and the strange and wondrous samba our friends the microbes dance inside the oaken foeders. We turn to Frank Boon and Cantillon's Jean Van Roy for insight. Give it a listen.

Also, as we get back to a regular schedule on the new All About Beer On-air platform, we're really hoping to develop a conversation with listeners. Get chatty with us, folks. Comment on what we've said, offer corrections or critiques, give us recommendations on beers, breweries, or future podcast, ask questions. Doing a podcast can feel a bit solipsistic, and the best antidote is hive mind. Email here with our thanks in advance:

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  1. Well done, the audio issues you had with levels seem to have been addressed.