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Monday, October 15, 2007

2007 GABF Winners Announced

There's a lot of GABF stuff going on in the blogosphere (start with Stan and go from there), but here's a quicky on Northwest winners:

Bend Brewing
Outback X - Old Ale or Strong Ale (Silver)

Abyss - Imperial Stout (Gold)
Pub Bitter - Bitter or Pale Mild Ale (Gold)
4K Pils - International-Style Pilsener (Gold)

Organic Deranger - Imperial or Double Red Ale (Gold)

Doryman's Dark Ale - American Style Brown Ale (Gold)
MacPelican's Wee Heavy Strong Scotch Ale - Strong Scotch Ale (Gold)
Kiwanda Cream Ale - Silver Golden or Blonde Ale (Silver)

Russian Imperial Stout - Imperial Stout (Bronze)

Brewmaster Reserve - American-Style Wheat Beer (Silver)
Widmer Export Lager - Dortmunder/European Style Export or German-Style Oktoberfest/Wiesen (Bronze)
The Wise ESB Extra Special Bitter or Strong Bitter (Gold)
The Great Pumpkin Fruit Beer or Vegetable Beer (Silver)
Dragonstooth StoutOther Strong Ale or Lager (Silver)

Fish Brewing
Old Woody Old Ale or Strong Ale (Gold)

Flyers Restaurant and Brewery
Bottleworks VIII - Other Strong Ale or Lager (Bronze)

O'Brien's Harvest - Extra Special Bitter or Strong Bitter (Silver)

Crystal Weizen - American-Style Wheat Beer (Gold)

Rock Bottom Brewery
Hop Bomb IPA - American-Style Strong Pale Ale (Silver)
About usual for the Northwest--some nice beers honored, but our performance is meager compared to the number of breweries entered (225) or compared against other, lesser states (Colorado, as usual, raked in the medals with 29).

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