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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Department of Corrections

I don't think anyone is going to jail, but maybe I ought to. I just learned two important facts I got wrong on my Pilsner Room visit.

First, John Harris's transcendent Lupulin Ale is not--repeat not--brewed with Cascade hops. He used Amarillo. I have no excuse for this oversight. When you get the taster array of fresh hop beers there, they actually include a little paper mat that tells you what hop each beer used--somehow I wrote down Cascade.

This actually makes some sense. The character of the beer was really different from other Cascade-only fresh hop beers. It also highlights again--not that we needed it--how different fresh hops are from their dried kin. Amarillo is a pretty popular hop, but I find that when it's used to bitter a beer, it has a sharp edge I don't like. All this time, Amarillo has been in my doghouse.

Not Cheaters
John Harris also says the pint glasses at the Pilsner Room aren't cheaters. I'll find out what the ounceage is and update my Honest pint list. I must have really been blind that night. The Sox got beat, so I'll blame them.


  1. We are all human. Sometimes Amarillo on the brain translates to Cascade on the paper.

    I enjoy your blog.

    Happy trails,
    Bad Ben

  2. You are a gentleman and a brewer. I thank you.