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Friday, October 12, 2007

GABF Happening Now

Although I am somewhat critical of the Great American Beer Festival, it's the beeg event on the national calendar. It started last night and runs through tomorrow and many eyes are focused on the results of the tastings. I will report out those in due time, but here's some info in case you want a virtual experience:
GABF website at
A podcasting site, including live streaming and chat.
There's even a chance I'll be able to break you off some commentary from a brewer I know who's attending as a BridgePort rep.


  1. Why critical?

    My in-laws are critical of it too. Of course, they're neo-prohibitionist conservative-Christian Denver-ites so ... what's your excuse? ;-)

  2. I think the judges preference a rigid adherence to arbitrary style guidelines that make it easier for workmanlike beers to win awards. Creative breweries who push the envelope have no place at the GABF.

    The reason I respect it, though, is because the way the judging happens, the quality of the judges, and the enormous participation by breweries makes this the definitive contest.

  3. The GABF rules are not arbitrary...they are Papazian!

  4. Creative breweries who push the envelope have no place at the GABF.

    That's probably why Lost Abbey, Russian River and Allagash (among others) did so poorly. ;>)