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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Bailey's Taproom

213 SW Broadway
Hours: Mon-Sat, 4 pm - Midnight

Here is the dilemma: you have friends coming in from out of town, and they want to sample from the feast that is Beervana. They instinctively want to go to a brewpub, but you know that this will limit the feast--no matter how good Roots Coconut Porter may be, you can't get a Ninkasi Believer or Hair of the Dog Blue Dot there.

Options have heretofore included 80% solutions, workable, but provisional: The Henry, with an amazing selection but cheater pints and yuppie atmosphere; the Horse Brass, good selection but a haze of cigarette smoke; Higgins, with a great selection of international beers, but modest locals. And so on.

Fortunately, Portland now has a 100% solution with the newly-opened Bailey's Taproom, just across Ankeny from the Tugboat downtown. It is smoke-free, centrally-located, has a great list of taps, and serves beer in 20-ounce imperial glasses. That's the superfecta of taprooms!

But the accolades don't stop there. This is a place that's all about beer, and it has the best selection in the city--period. The website is updated regularly, so check back to see what's pouring. As an example, here are some of the beers pouring today--many rare enough that you'll find them at only a handful of places, if at all:
  • Deschutes Green Lakes
  • Raccoon Lodge Tempter Tripel
  • Hair of the Dog Greg
  • Full Sail Vesuvious
  • Ninkasi Ceridwen Harvest Lager
  • Double Mountain Pale Ale
The bottle list features mainly out-of-staters, but includes some beers that have garnered national attention, like Ommegang Three Philosophers (NY), North Coast Brother Thelonius (CA), and Allagash Grand Cru (ME). They also have a well-selected, if small offering of Oregon wine, so you can take non-beery types. Food is limited, cafe-style, to cheese and chocolate, but these both go beautifully with wine and beer. Tres continental.

But don't be put off--it's not as upscale in feel as the menu suggests. There is a living-room area for lounging, and cafe tables for discussion and food. It actually has a bit of a coffeehouse feel, and with the free wi-fi, you can end your day in front of a computer with a more suitable beverage. When I was there, just after work last Friday, the four groups of people who came in were serious beer folk, downscale in jeans and flannel.

I see why--this is mecca for a beer geek.


  1. It appears from your picture that they serve from the cask as well - what info can you provide?

  2. Patrick:
    I know the answer...last Thursday (11/1), there was an event at Bailey's - BridgePort Brewing had a firkin tapping of Hop Harvest. It didn't last long, of course. Geoff Bailey (owner)told me he'd like to do casks but doesn't currently have space for a regular cask offering.

    By the way, TONIGHT (Tues 11/6) Bailey's is hosting Bob Brewer of Anchor Brewing for a tapping of the first keg in Portland of 2007 Our Special Ale/Christmas & New Year - 6pm, I think...


  3. that place looks sooo sweet.

  4. Yeah, it was the BridgePort last Friday--and it was going fast (hence my ability to get the action photo).

    I don't know what they usually have, but it would be cool if they always had a cask right there on the bar. It's visually very cool.

  5. Guess who tapped that very firkin? And if you were drinking it on friday it must have been pretty warm as I tapped it thursday night at 6PM.

  6. Ryan, keep pushing the cask man!

    Brian, thanks for the info.

  7. Just to report back on what happened last night at Bailey's...

    Good Tuesday night turnout at the Taproom, unsure how many there knew about the Anchor tapping, but at least half of those there at 6pm were ready with empty glasses at the given hour.

    Bob Brewer (Anchor) himself was pulling the handle and Geoff was handing out pints. The 20 commemorative pint glasses were gone quickly. The 2007 edition is quite nice, molasses-laden gingerbread pours from the glass. It's spicy and easy to drink and put me in the mood for the holidays.

    Had to leave about 6:30 but looked like a great turnout.


  8. Raccoon Lodge Tempter Tripel

    Have you had this beer? How is it?

  9. Brian--thanks for the update!

    Stan, I haven't tried it. But I work 15 blocks away, so it might be in my future--

  10. hohoho
    good info
    thanks a lot