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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Update on the Honest Pint Project

I have been neglectful in returning to my effort to encourage the use of "honest" pints (16 ounces or more). You can read about it in detail here--but essentially, the issue is the widespread use of 14-oz. shaker pint glasses (aka "cheater pints"), those heavy, slightly tapering glasses in ubiquitous use throughout the city.

Below you'll see an update, along with a list of those verified users of the cheater pint. Encourage them (gently) to switch--most probably don't know they're offering 13% less beer than a regular pint. As always, holler if you have an update.

Certified Purveyors of an Honest Pint

Breweries and Brewpubs
BridgePort - 20 oz., $3.75
Clinton Street Brewpub - 16 oz, $4
Laurelwood - 16 oz., $3.75
Lucky Lab - 20 oz., $3.50
Mash Tun - 20 oz., $4
Pilsner Room (Full Sail) 16 oz, $[?]
Rock Bottom - 20 oz., $[?]
Raccoon Lodge - 20 oz., $[?]
Roots Organic - 20 oz., $4.25

Pubs and Taprooms
Bailey's Taproom - 20 oz shakers, $4.50
Belmont Station - 16 oz shakers, variable prices
Concordia Alehouse - 16 oz $[?]
County Cork - 20 oz, $[?]
Goose Hollow Inn - 20 oz, $4.25
Horse Brass - 20 oz, $4.25-$4.75
Moon and Sixpence - 20 oz, $[?]

Higgins - Various, $4.75 and up

Confirmed Peddlars of the Cheater Pint

McMenamins [See update below]
Old Lompoc

Pubs and Taprooms
The Henry
Produce Row

[Update - The McMenamins have lodged a complaint. They claim no such use of the cheater pint, a fact I cannot square with my research. However, I will investigate ASAP. For the time being, we'll remove them pending appeal. If I am mistaken, effusive apologies will follow, a spectacle regularly seen on this site.]


  1. Nice research Jeff! I've been waiting for this to be completed, so that I can start on my Profit Pour article...

  2. this is really a great project...i highly endorse it. i'll do my part by researching various pubs.

  3. I think an effective approach would be to really put the spotlight on places that are serving cheater pints. In good nature, of course.

    It seems that some of these places serve cheater pints because people don't know or don't say anything, and they can get away with it.

    Any sort of negative publicity might naturally prompt them to remedy the problem with the service in question. Nobody wants to look like a cheapo. :)

  4. Not sure who confirmed McMenamins as users of cheater pint glasses but that is incorrect. I can verify that McMenamins uses 16 ounce shakers. I do not believe any McMenamin location has ever knowingly used the 14 oz pint glasses (cheater pints).