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Monday, November 05, 2007

Beervana Documentary Tonight

Reminder, a screening of Oregon Public Broadcasting's 30-minute documentary "Beervana" screens tonight a 6:30 at the Bagdad (3702 SE Hawthorne). Doors open at six, and there will be a Q&A at 7.

Here's a trailer that gives you the teensiest of tastes of what to expect:
[Update: Since this clip always plays when you load the site, I've removed it. To see the clip, follow this link.]
If you miss the screening, it will air tonight on OPB television at nine. You can buy a DVD here--or buy two and send one to me!

See you tonight--


  1. Darn it - were you there, Jeff? I saw a Red Sox hat in attendance, but you never post pix on your blog, so I wasn't sure if it was you or not.

    We have to meet up for a beer one of these days. Are you going to HOTD dock sale on Saturday? I was planning on stopping by Belmont Station afterward ...

  2. I was there, and was wearing a Boston cap. Of course, 50% of all people now wear Boston caps, so I can't confirm.

    I'll be in Corvallis on Saturday for the Beaver game. It's an evening event, but I will probably be leaving a little early.

  3. But yes, we should definitely have a beer. I think we ought to have a beer bloggers' get-together sometime. Maybe now that the nights are long and the beers are dark and tasty, it's the ideal time.

  4. please do a beer review sometime...this is Beervana after-all.

  5. I was dissappointed in the documentary. It lacked much of a narrative and was mostly a loose collection of interviews and archival material. The interviews and archival material were great but it didn't seem that the producers did much more than chop it all together. And it never really tired very hard to answer the question: why here and why so successful?

    Also, where were the interviews with John Maier and John Harris? The doc didn't spend much time talking about making craft beer at all.

  6. actually, here's a pic of Jeff: