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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Allagash Teaser

Okay, I'm down with a cold, and a Nor'Easter's blowing through Maine. I'll be settling down to a nice winter's nap soon enough. However, I just had a delightful tour of the brewery, and over Allagash Tripel, discussed the lambic experiment with founder/owner/brewer Rob Tod and master brewer Jason Perkins. There is much there to tell, and I want to dole it out in lush detail, but just to keep you interested, here's an unexpected little fact: during their barrel-aging process, Allagash discovered a brettanomyces culture in one of their barrels a few years ago. Turns out it's a native culture, a Maine ride-along so to speak, and they had it isolated at Wyeast and it's now banked there. It has become one of their regular strains, used, for example in the exceptional Interlude, which I'll write about later.

Native brett--how's that for house character? Okay, to bed....

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