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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Clouds of Mist

I hastened to Widmer today after hearing about the draft-only bounty, and was greated by cascading clouds of steam, scented magnificently with malt and hops. (I think it was hef, for it smelled wheaty and wholesome.) Man, do I miss that smell wafting over downtown. It was a cloudy day, so the mists sort of comingled beguilingly.

Anyhoo, here's a pic. More commentary on Teaser, Dortmunder, and an experimental-hop IPA tomorrow.


  1. I happened by the Gasthaus myself last Monday for their Collaborator release… the Doppelweizen was quite malty, but with a slightly smoky(? Roasty? Not sure…) aftertaste to balance it out somewhat.

    I followed that up with the TEAser - which even for my palette was pretty weak (or perhaps "light" would be a better word), but it had an interesting flavor not unlike… tea? I dunno, maybe that was a not-so-subliminal suggestion. It followed the Doppelweizen quite well, clearing out the cobwebs left behind by all that malt; I actually preferred it a bit that evening, but I wouldn't consider that preference the usual.

    I also got a taste of the X-114, which of course was beyond my comprehension.

    Overall, not a bad outing… and for $3/pint on Monday's, I'm semi-inclined to give it another shot…


  2. The Gasthaus usually has a draft only bounty.