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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Allow Me to Direct Your Attention ...

To Beer Around Town, where Derek has posted an opus on the beers at Bailey's 2nd Anniversary, an event he calls (twice!) the "best beer event of the year." Definitely worth reading. (Angelo was there, too; he reviews the experience plus a few other weekend stops. And so was Doc Wort! Did someone get a picture?)

To The Beer Here, where John Foyston has the results of the Concordia Cup.

And to the Beer Nut, where an Irish blogger reviews Anchor beer. Always entertaining to see how American beers are regarded overseas.


  1. Thanks for the plug Jeff. I actually finally got to meet the Doc... well at least one of the split personalities.

  2. @DA & Jeff

    Your right DA, Dr Wort has many personalities... In fact, to make Jeff happy, we've posted some photos of Dr Wort!