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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Start of the Hop Trip

Deschutes just posted photos of their trip out to Groschie Farms to pick up the hops for their annual fresh hop ale, Hop Trip.

Lots more photos here. Go have a look.

(Is it me, or is this an early harvest? Seems like it was September in past years.)


  1. Hop Trip is one of my most favorite brews ever. I will be buying plenty when it is released. Also 4th st. brewing up here in Gresham will release theirs in about 4 weeks... half price growler fills every Sunday.

  2. They already have two fresh hop beers on tap at the Portland pub. Had both the King Cone Fresh Hop and Cask Fresh Hop Mirror Pond. The Fresh Hop Mirror Pond had more of that tropical fruit fresh hop flavor like the Lupulin of two years ago. Both were delicious.

  3. The expressions of glee and "Can you believe this is my job?" in some of the pictures are pretty good.

  4. Was talking to a brewer yesterday and he said it was early for hops, also mentioned that the harvest was better then expected.

    Good news for Oregon

  5. I'm not impressed with the 2009 release. It seems like they forgot the hop part of "Hop Trip". Very malty on the finish.