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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First, a Quiz

Have a look at the beer at right. The photo isn't the greatest; I took it with my cell phone. Nevertheless, it should be functional for our purposes. Now, upon visual inspection alone, identify the style of beer. (That blurry quality on the bottom half of the glass is condensation, not haze.)
1. German pils
2. Saison
3. Kolsch
4. Abbey ale
5. Pale ale
6. Imperial stout
I'll give you a hint: it's not six.

Click for the answer.


  1. I actually guessed saison thinking it was your low abv one you just brewed. Although, looking back it was doubtful since that dupont yeast would take a while to finish.

  2. Yay I guessed right. Although the first 3 were the only plausible answers so I had a 33.333333333333333333% chance :) Although I guessed 2 for the same reasons DA Beers did.

    @GP As far as I know it's a bottle release only. Even then you might not want it find it on tap. This beer and I didn't agree on it's taste.

  3. Hmmm, this sort of deflates the point I will be making later. I was surprised when I poured the beer out to find it so crystal clear. True, it's a MacTarnahan product, so in that way it's not surprising. But generally, the "rustic" farmhouse styles are less vitreous.

  4. It is allegedly on tap at the Mactarnahan's tap room (the 31st and Industrial location) as well. I say allegedly because its been a long while since I've darkened that door. I assume if sales do well, this might show up at the RG taproom too.

    I think its closer to a saison than a farmhouse ale (lacking any farmhouse character), but it is a very respectable beer. This might be the first of their beers to show the Magic Hat influence.