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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Bad Beer Fest Set for May

This is sort of interesting. Apparently Van Havig and John Harris were shooting the breeze and complaining about how they recently had to dump batches of beer. (Even the pros have a misfire now and again.) They joked about how it would be funny to have a beer fest where breweries brought their failed experiments. Well, one thing led to another, and now we have the first annual "Bad Beer Fest," slated for Tuesday, May 11. ("Tuesdays are the worst days.")

A partial list of the beers:
  • Upright Squirrel Stout
  • Full Sail Imperial Mild
  • Widmer German Chocolate Pale Ale
  • Hopworks Cascadian Light Porter
  • Roots Special Garlic Gruit
  • Rock Bottom Sour Milk Stout
  • Henry's Belgian Wheat
Havig and Harris will add to the list as other failures emerge. Brewers are working overtime on special experiments. I got an email from Chad Kennedy, who's been dying to try Charlie Papazian's famous Old Cock Ale. "It'll either be brilliant, in which case I'm a genius, or it will suck, and I'll just give it to John."


  1. And does one have to _pay_ for the dubious privilege of sampling these failures? Or is this an April Fool's gag?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. let the Beer Blog April Fools day posts begin. ; )

  4. I heard Tugboat and Philadelphia's are the primary sponsors. They're making a lupulin gruit and someone is bringing a mild IPA.

  5. Oh, so now it's May 11th?!?! When did they change this, and how long have they known? I had my plane ticket arranged for May 12th to get out of town, but now I'll have to be here for this. I'm pissed!

  6. Now brewers are going to sell their brewing failures and people are going to buy it? Amazing.

  7. has anyone seen the new Belmont Station email... Pliny the Unborn being tapped. ; )

    that's a good one.

  8. I had a Pliny the Decrepit! It's was lifeless and weak.

  9. I've made imperial mild. I love imperial mild. go look at some recipes for XXXX at and then tell me imperial mild is an april fools joke.