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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Largest US Breweries

The Brewers Association has released their annual survey of the largest breweries and craft breweries in America. I'll direct you to Jay Brooks' annotated version of the list, because he offers more details. Here are the Northwest breweries on the list (with Jay's annotations):
8. Craft Brewers Alliance [Widmer/Redhook]; Moved down 1
12. Pyramid Breweries (IBU); Down 1, after two years moving up
13. Deschutes Brewery; Down 1
22. Full Sail Brewing; Down 5, primarily from removing contract beers from their total to give a more accurate figure of their own brands
34. Rogue Ales/Oregon Brewing; Up 2 from #36, canceling being Down 2 last year, and Up 2 the year before that
47. BridgePort Brewing (Gambrinus); Down 3 from #44 last year
Biggest movers (five slots or more):
24. Dogfish Head Craft Brewery; Shot up 9 from #33, after being up 5 and 4 the two previous years
25. Iron City Brewing; Plummeted 12, after a Chapter 11 bankruptcy and moving production out of Pittsburgh
30. Anchor Brewing; Down 6 from #24
31. Shipyard Brewing; Down 5 from #26 last year
37. Mendocino Brewing; Down 8 from #29 last year
41. Victory Brewing; Up 5 from #46 last year
Jay also has the list of largest craft breweries.

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