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Friday, April 30, 2010

Cheers to Belgian Beers, Picks and More

Well, no more from breweries, so I'm calling it final. You can find a .pdf of my ultimate guide, formatted nicely, for your printing enjoyment (probably it should be called the half-ultimate, since it features just half the breweries).

Cheers to Belgian Beers

Bill asked in comments if these represent my picks of the fest. They do not. Here's my list, and I'll probably be prevailing upon Sally to help me get through it all. I would love to try every single beer using the yeast, actually, but that's going to be impossible. So here's how I'll divide the baby:
  • Big Horse Cuvee de Ferme
  • Block 15 La Ferme' de Demons
  • Cascade Frite Galois
  • Deschutes Tropisch Bruin
  • Double Mountain Bonne Idee Kriek
  • Fort George Magnifera Indica Belgae
  • Hopworks DiaBlato
  • Laurelwood Infared [maybe]
  • Oakshire La Ferme
  • Old Market Red Headed Stepchild [maybe]
  • Roots Brune O
  • Silver Moon Saison de Moon
  • Upright Mingus and Monk
  • Widmer Biere de Table
But I'll also listen to what the buzz is and change gears as appropriate.


  1. I'm volunteering from 9-noon tomorrow. Can't wait to taste as many beers as possible. See you there!