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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Review: The Beer Journal by Chris Wright

Autumn, it seems, is not only the time for new releases of beer, but books. Today's offering comes from Chris Wright, and it's a curious one. It's called the Beer Journal, and that's just what it is--essentially a pretty, hardcover, $13 notebook. In other words, the Cadillac version of Dave Selden's 33 Beers. After a short intro, the next 70 pages are reprinted style descriptions from the BJCP. The rest of the book (257 pages) is occupied by blank tasting logs for beers and festivals. They're structured, so you have slots for various types of information. Interspersed throughout the book are beautiful photos and quotes. And that's the book.

The question that I always ask when I get a beer book is: for whom was this written? The Beer Journal is really just a record of the beers you drink, but it's hefty and not likely to fit in the back pocket of the average drinker. The business about the BJCP is sort of useful, but I would have much preferred Chris's take on the styles. In the age of smart phones, when the BJCP is four keystrokes away (and not always a particularly useful a four keystrokes away), this doesn't seem important.

I dunno. It's not for me, but perhaps someone will find it useful.

Federally mandated disclaimer: Skyhorse Publishing sent me a copy of the Beer Journal for review.

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  1. Have you tried out RedPint or Beerby for the iPhone/Droid? Kind of like a virtual Beer Journal with a social aspect