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Friday, October 22, 2010

When Beer Blogs Get Political (Ads)

I wouldn't be surprised if many or most of you hadn't noticed, but off to the left of this post are now two political ads. I am delighted by this, since it means some small trickle of cash into the coffers. Yet I have also always felt that politics and the beer world should stay far apart, since the former divides while the latter unites. Anyone can buy a Blogad, and this blog remains agnostic about the content (I haven't known about any ads on this blog until after they were submitted). As far as ads go on this blog, I don't care about blue or red--just green. Though by all means, if the content interests you, click through.

For anyone who has noticed those blogs, and taken offense, hang in there. They will expire after the election in ten days or so.

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