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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten Ten Ten

Only once a century is there a 10/10/10, and that day is today. (Of course, the same could be said about any day, yet for some reason we celebrate alignment, not randomness.) In celebration, I suggest:

  • Adam or Fred, Hair of the Dog.
  • 12, Westvleteren
  • Bourbon Imperial Porter, Full Sail
  • Consecration, Russian River
  • Avec Les Bons Voeux, Brasserie Dupont
...or any other beer at or around 10% ABV. You might also consider raising your toast at ten after ten, striking glasses at ten seconds after the minute. Thus will you have acknowledged the ten ten ten double feature.


  1. How did Stone's Vertical Epic 10.10.10 not make the list?


  2. Probably because Stone decided to release the beer to the market after 10/10/10 and being a Sunday meant that no shipment went out until Monday 10/11/10. So the only toasts could have been made from the Gardens. But I'm just guessing here.

  3. Nope, just a total blunder. Should have been on the list, whether one could actually use it to toast with or not. After all, no one's likely getting any of that Dupont, either.

  4. Trust me Jeff, we have plenty of Bon Voeux. As long as I have the means to track sales and (the space to hold it) we'll never run out.