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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Events, Events

Time, like an oncoming truck, bears down upon me, and with it come several events about which you should be aware. In order of imminent impact...

1. Double Mountain and Mort Subite at Victory Bar
Tonight, the Victory is hosting the release of beers from two breweries. Actually, Mort Subite's beers aren't getting "released"--they've been around a couple decades. But they're returning to Oregon, and that's a great thing. Mort Subite are among the handful of spontaneously fermented beers in the world, and they'll have a kriek and a "wit lambic" on hand. At eight, Double Mountain debuts Tripel Nipel, a 9% tripel brewed with honey and the Chimay yeast. Apropos of the beers, Victory will be serving mussels. Victory Bar, 2509 SE 37th, January 27, 6-10 pm

2. Hop and Vine Grand Expansioning
Perhaps you are aware that there's a pretty large space next to the Hop and Vine which has mainly served as a gallery for John Foyston's paintings. No more! (Sorry, John.) It will be the new bottle shop. To celebrate, Hop and Vine is throwing a fete with free tastings of beer from Elysian, Heater Allen, Hopworks, and Upright. Hop and Vine, 1914 N. Killingsworth, Feb 5, 3-10pm

3. Van Havig Tribute Night
This is very cool. A bunch of brewers conspired to produce tribute beers to Van Havig on the occasion of his separation with the newly en-evilled Rock Bottom. Beers featured include:
  • Barley Brown's "Van Havoc"
  • Widmer Bros "Van Helles"
  • Ninkasi "Havig Your Way"
  • MacTarnahan's "Wreak Havig"
  • Oakshire "Van's Special Bitter (VSB)" Single batch ale
  • Lompoc "Oud Van Haviglee"
There will apparently also be some Van-brewed beer on hand, which is probably the best way to celebrate--though "Van Havoc" appeals. Grain and Gristle, 1473 NE Prescott, February 8, 6pm

4. Pappy's Dark Release
Nick Arzner is throwing Portland a bone and allowing us to get in on some of his very rare bottled beer. (He could sell it all, in 23 minutes, to the fine people of Corvallis.) Instead, he's bringing six cases (72 bottles) of his barrel-aged English strong ale to Portland. Not a lot, but 72 is a larger number than zero. To assuage the despair of those who fail to score a bottle, Hop and Vine will be pouring three other Block 15 beers, including Super Nebula, a barrel-aged imperial stout. Hop and Vine, 1914 N. Killingsworth, Feb 12, 3-6pm

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  1. Any word on who is getting the Block 15 bottles?