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Monday, January 10, 2011

If Football Were Beer, Oregon Would Crush Alabama

I have a grave fear about tonight. (This owes more to being principally a fan of the Badgers, Blazers, Packers, and Red Sox than anything.) As a pre-emptive strike--or maybe a diversionary tactic--I offer one way in which Oregon absolutely trounces the Yellowhammer state: beer. We're number one, we're number one!
Alabama: 6 breweries
Alabama pop: 4.6 million (3.2 mil 21+)
Alabama breweries per-capita: 1 in 767,000

Oregon: 112 breweries
Oregon pop: 3.8 mil (2.5 mil 21+)
Oregon breweries per-capita: 1 in 34,000

Auburn, AL: 0 breweries
Auburn pop: 58,000
Auburn brweries per-capita: 0

Eugene, OR: 5 breweries
Eugene pop: 155,000
Eugene breweries per-capita: 1 in 31,000

Alabama per-capita beer consumption: 30.3 gallons/yr
Oregon per-capita beer consumption: 30.8 gal/yr
If my fears are borne out, please refer to this post as a pick-me-up. In the meantime, Go Ducks!


  1. Fun Fact: Auburn used to have a brewpub near the campus. It closed and the brewing equipment can now be found in Prosser, WA at Horse Heaven Hills Brewery. So, it is more than likely that people will be cheering on the Ducks in Prosser whilst enjoying beer brewed on former Auburn brewing equipment. Take that Cam Newton!

  2. It's interesting to me that for their lack of breweries (or our bounty), that they essentially drink the same amount as we do. I guess we know where the big 3's sales numbers continue to come from...

  3. I reckon Chip Kelly has developed a scheme by which Oregon will prevail. [Think Pete Carroll.]

    I will be watching the game in the sub-tropic climes of Gulf Coast central Florida. I will be enjoying bombers of Heater Allen Pilsner purchased at the brewery expressly for the journey.

    Go Ducks.

  4. Uggh. Unfortunately, footballl's football.

  5. If cheerleaders were football, Oregon totally crushed Auburn last night.

  6. I suspect the ABV consumed by Oregonians is higher, too.

  7. Late to the party, but I found Oregon football to be too risky and experimental to win the day. The opportunities were there, but they got cute and it backfired.

    Both teams were sloppy.