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Friday, January 07, 2011

Oregon Ducks Game-Viewing

I'm trying to assemble an omnibus post containing all the cool places to watch the Ducks and drink good beer on Monday. If you know of/own/work at a place that fits the bill, will you email (the_beerax @ yahoo) or comment? (Special consideration to large screen/projection screen viewing options.) Also, places beyond the Portland metro area would also be useful. Thanks!

By the way, SI has an interesting article about how Phil Knight made the Oregon Ducks.


  1. There is a brief list over at Dave Knows Portland.


  2. OK, waaay beyond the Portland Metro Area, the Brewers Union has recently installed a projector and a screen for presentations, movies and the occasional 2:00 AM World of Warcraft raid. Rumor has it that an anonymous owner of a computer will be streaming the event on the aforementioned unit.

    (The Word Verification for this comment is "fartie". Hmmmm...)

  3. We'll have it on over at the Guild Public House as our first night of business. The screen is ginormous. Being that we're not fully open until later in the week, it's a cash only night unfortunately.

  4. Thanks for the tips, and thanks for those who emailed. The interns are busily compiling the data.

    Ted--nice! Pirate streaming is the only way to go. That smells anything but fartie. I've managed to see almost every Packers game this year thanks to a little service out of an offshore server near the Cayman Islands.

  5. Ix-nay on the iratingpay. It will be paid for.

  6. Sorry! Sometimes I forget other people read this blog. When I said "pirate," I was referring only to my own activities; any other activities by the breweries of the state of Oregon implied or explicit, was unintentional.