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Monday, February 21, 2011

Anniversary Week

On Saturday, this blog will officially turn five years old. To acknowledge the landmark, I'll be doing celebratory posts in anticipation of the Very Important Announcement scheduled for Friday. (On Saturday, no one will be at work to read the blog.) Ezra and Angelo celebrate their blogoversaries with huge parties, somehow securing special beers from the breweries who clearly love them. I am a hermit and huge parties frighten me, so don't expect anything like that. The Important Announcement will be appropriate to the ways of a hermit.

In any case, wheeeee!, the blog is old. Put on your party hats.


  1. Are blog years like dog years, and does that make you 35? Or are they even longer - say, one blog year equals ten "human" years? Either way, congratulations on the anniversary. Five years is certainly a long time to keep a blog going and still make it interesting.

  2. Congratulations Jeff. Hermit celebration? Is that code for party at Jeff's house?

  3. I'll donate a beer from my "brewery" for the cause. Congrats!