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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Events of Note

Right on cue following my ain't-Beervana-sweet post come these two announcements, both portending great events.

Roscoe's Stout Summit
Friday, Feb 25th at 5pm
8105 SE Stark St

Roscoe's, the hardest working pub in Montavilla, is serving up twelve impressive-looking stouts this Friday, including: Fort George (Badda Boom), Caldera (Old Growth Imperial Stout),
Oakshire (Heart Shaped Box), Firestone Walker (Black Xantus), Deschutes (Mash Tun Madness), Double Mountain, Upright, and more. An impressive list!

Cascade Rare Beer Dock Sale
Sunday, Feb 27 at 10am

I'll just go ahead and quote from the press release, with apologies: This Sunday we will release 11 cases of 2007 Kriek. These will be sold ONLY at Cascade Brewing Barrel House, and we will NOT be shipping any of these bottles, nor will we hold them on reserve. The vintage bottles cost $18 each, and there is a two bottle maximum purchase per person.... This is the very first edition of our Kriek blend. We used three different types of cherries: Sour Pie, Bing and Sweetheart - the Sweetheart cherries are the centerpiece of this blend."

That's not a whole lot more expensive than regular bottles--and it's way cheaper than what you'd find on the open market. Cascade will be releasing other old vintages during March and April:

2008 Apricot, Sunday, March 13
2008 Sang Royal, Sunday, March 27
2008 The Vine, Sunday, April 10

And finally, just to draw these two threads into a nice knot, note that Ron Gansberg will be "telling lies" at Roscoe's on March 4th--as well as pouring several Cascade sours. Stop in if you want to be entertained. With Ron in the house, it's guaranteed.

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  1. Where are they hiding all this good stuff!? I loved the Sang Royal.. I thought it was all gone for good.. I hope I can snag a couple of those...