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Friday, February 25, 2011

Thanks to All of You

The last word on all this anniversary business will be my thanks. Blogging is a communication, and I’d like to thank anyone who has ever read Beervana first and most. It would have died a long time ago if you hadn’t been joining the conversation. I’d also like to thank the breweries and fest organizers who treated me like regular media. For some reason, if I email a brewer, s/he will invite me to spend two hours touring the brewery and learning about the beer. I never cease to be amazed by that. Sally, my wife, deserves a large measure of thanks for being willing to forgo many a restaurant so I could drag her into a brewpub. She has a great palate and enjoys beer, but would have no doubt drunk less of it had I not started the blog. Finally, thanks to the other Oregon bloggers and beer writers who have created a supportive community. We actually do this thing collectively, and it’s great to be a part of the group.

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