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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jeff in the New York Times

This has absolutely nothing to do with beer, but what the hey--it's likely a unique case, by god, I'm going to mention it.

Yesterday, one of my posts at BlueOregon got linked at the Five Thirty Eight blog:

After Nate explored how important union voters are to the Democratic Party, The Washington Examiner’s Christopher Murray delved into the history of that relationship, asking whether the battle over collective bargaining will cause some “Reagan Democrats” to drop the “Reagan.”

And Jeff Alworth at thought the electoral boost that Nate found unions gave Democrats in presidential races would be larger for state-level races, especially gubernatorial elections. His reasoning: “… while Democrats are generally supportive of working people, the connection between a president and a school teacher is quite weak. Not so between a governor and a school teacher.”

I consider that an endorsement of my thesis--at least an oblique endorsement of an idea worthy of further exploration. I'll take it.