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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Oy, not this again:
So when the folks over at City's Best Twin Cities (bless 'em) suggested Minneapolis/St. Paul staked a legitimate claim as the country's beer capital, I realized it was time to make Denver's case.
Denver, of course, has a decent case to make, but this one is somewhat weakened by dubiously-spun stats ("our beautiful state ranked as number one in terms of gross beer production -- that's 111 breweries producing over 23.3 million barrels, people") and flat-out factual mistakes (" Denver ... is also ranked ... second nationally in the number of breweries per capita"). Writer Matt Ferner does strike the right note here at the end, though: "Don't bother with the math." Indeed.


  1. As a resident of the Twin Cities, I would love to know what the hell this guy thinks "City's Best Twin Cities" is.

    Never heard of it. Neither has google.

  2. Google has heard of it....

  3. I love Colorado. It is my 2nd home. I lived there more than 18 years in 4 different spans; initially in 1972; finally in 2007.

    There are a many great craft brewing cos. there. But, a significant portion of their '23.3 million barrels' is produced by Molson-Coors in Golden [Coors and Blue Moon] and AB-InBev in Fort Collins. Not craft beer. Ergo, not countable.

  4. Anonymous is better at google than I am. It is real. Hilarious. Anyways, I wouldn't worry too much about what they have to say. City's Best seems to be one of many semi-obscure AOL media websites.

    Besides, if there were going to be a beer capital in the Midwest, it would probably have to be Chicago.

  5. Midwest beer capital? I humbly recommend Milwaukee (and no, I don't live there).

    Chicago has Goose Island (we'll see if A-B actually DOES change anything) and a handful of great smaller breweries in its suburbs (Two Brothers!).

    Milwaukee not only has the macrobrewers (MillerCoors, Pabst, formerly Blatz), it also has large-yet-non-macro breweries like Sprecher and Leinenkugel. I haven't even started to name all the craftbrewers there!

    Then then are the intangibles: their baseball team is names the Brewers, it has had beers named after it (Old Milwaukee), I'm pretty sure the 2nd state song is "Roll Out the Barrell," just behind "On, Wisconsin," and Milwaukee translates from old Ojibwa indian into "City of 1,000 tasty beers." Ok, so maybe I made up that last one.