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Saturday, March 05, 2011

More on the Obama Homebrew

In case you missed it, Obama Foodorama, which first broke the news about Obama's homebrewery, has more:
The White House Honey Ale was not the first time the White House chefs have homebrewed. You don't serve your very first fermentation experiment to special visitors, do you? ...But Super Bowl Sunday was the first time there was an announcement about homebrewed beer, because clearly the White House is aware that it's special; the bottle labels for the White House Honey Ale were created in-house, to mark the occasion.

And the homebrewing is going to continue.

"It is very safe to assume that there will be more White House beer in the future," said Semonti Stephens, a spokesman for the East Wing.
Also of note: chef and gardner Sam Kass is considering growing hops in the White House garden. (I recommend Cascade, Sam--you can't beat them for versatility.) Also, White House historians agree: Obama's the first president to fire up the brew kettle there. Anyway, there's no evidence of anyone else having done so. (I wouldn't put it past Harding to have had a still--but a lush like him wouldn't have messed around with beer.)



  1. I wish they'd release the recipes. It would also be cool if they had a site to submit future suggestions.

    When Obama was inaugurated, the white house released recipes for everything that was included in the celebratory dinner.

    I joined in by cooking the inauguration seafood stew here at the house for my wife and friends. It was delicious!

    It's neat to be able to know what being the president tastes like.

  2. Some one needs advise the White House to use glassware instead of metal [pewter] tankards.

  3. PedXer, agreed. No reason not to.

    Jack, since it was a possibly antique honey ale, the tankards might be--might--permissible.

  4. I'm most surprised that Obama was the first one to homebrew. I would have bet money that many of the early presidents brewed in the White House.