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Monday, April 23, 2012

Random Quote: De Struise

I met with Carlo Grootaert of De Struise Brouwers when I was in Belgium last year, and I just came across this quote, which you might regard as fantastic or horrible, depending on your proclivity.
“We learned a lot from American brewers. We are traditional Belgian brewers, but we’re open minded, so we look beyond the Belgian borders. Due to the fact that we are very much in contact with beer geeks—people bring us beers, you can see plenty of bottles of Dark Lord and Pliny the Elder--and we’re always interested in discovering flavors. So we actually learned from the beers we got.”
Carlo Grootaert


  1. Fantastic quote... Thanks for sharing!

  2. For them, that's not a terribly surprising quote. I like their beers so I think it's more interesting than anything.

  3. That's a load of bullshit. None of the principals of de Struise are brewers. Secondly, some 90 percent of their beer is exported. As far as I know, their beer is brewed by Decca Services (a contract brewer). Their earlier beers were brewed by Caulier (also a contract brewery at the time).

    They are frauds.