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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Two Sessions to Consider

Today is Session Beer Day. (Whinge: I would like to suggest a moratorium on bloggers selecting random styles and random dates and declaring them national days of celebration. But now I'm starting to sound like Andy Rooney Crouch.) It's a project of Lew Bryson, who walks with angels in his effort to promote the virtues of low-alcohol beer as tasty counterpoints to imperialization. On this front we march in unison.

Yesterday was also the Session, a group event in which I have failed to participate 60 previous times. The topic: "what drives beer bloggers?" I will say this: no one cares. The tiny group of people who read blogs--the real heroes--just want engaging, funny, thoughtful, and informative content. I fail on this score more often than I succeed (I may well be mid-fail now), but it is my goal. Writing a book turns out to be a bit bad for blogging, especially in terms of having the time to make the words fun to read and doing more than a cursory study of what's happening in town. But I'll keep trying.

Happy session day--


  1. Hey now, your shindig at Coalition is the session stuff I am talking about. I thought that was very well thought out, informative, and just plain delicious.

    I just so happened to buy a session beer after work today because I have the next two days off, and only slept four hours last night for no good reason. So I grabbed my first 4-pack of 16oz. New Belgium Shift Pale Lagers. Solid, and I think the best beer I have had that would get the BMC crowd over to the craft-side.

    What drives this beer blogger is my blog.

    Love the reference.

  2. Well, someone cares what drives bloggers...or the question wouldn't be out there. I think what you meant to say is, "it doesn't matter." I agree with that. Once upon a time, I was sure it was for the money.