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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Winner, a Beer List, a Wandelpad

The Oregon Garden Brewfest has a taplist and you can find it at Sanjay's. It is, as I hoped it would be, a showcase of middle-Oregon breweries: 10 Barrel, Block 15, Calapooia, Cascade Lakes, Flat Tail, Gilgamesh, GoodLife, Oakshire, Pale Horse, Ram, Rusty Truck, and Seven Brides. It also has two beers from Gigantic and other assorted goodies.

As a side note, Block 15 is bringing Wandelpad, Nick's take on the absolutely sublime Westvleteren Blond. It's named for a cool little path beside the monastery that takes you to a clearing and a very cool shrine inset into an outcropping of rocks. The name of that path? Wandelpad:

Now, to the great Brewers Dinner competition. I didn't get an overwhelming number of entries--perhaps not surprising given the time- and location-specific parameters--but the ones I got were compelling. My mom was lobbying this morning for Leavy23, whose case was indeed strong. But since I'm a communist who was once too poor to attend events like this, my heart was swayed by Kelsey:
Me! I'm volunteering four hours on Saturday and enjoying with friends at night. I like food and beer and am too poor to go otherwise.
Kelsey, if you show up in a top hat and monocle: lightning bolts of fury. Anyway, shoot me an email at the_beerax (at) yahoo (dot) com and I'll get this set up. Congrats! May you have a wonderful time!

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