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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Concluding Franconia

FRANCONIA. Apparently lacking enough ecclesiastical immersion here in Bamberg (kidding--there are churches and cloisters galore) we decided to drive up to Kloster Kreuzberg. The monks there have beer, giving them te advantage over beer-free Bambergian clergy.

We also dropped into Brauerei Hartmann in Wurgau (I have a good friend with the same surname)--fantastic marzen and nice bock*, and stopped off for a nightcap at Spezial, which inexplicably closes at 2pm on Saturdays. A big day, and all I have the energy for are the following pictures.

*It's bock season here, so many breweries have hefty beers waiting for you--just what you want when you're drinking by the half-liter.

1 comment:

  1. Wish I'd known about your trip in advance, I could've taken you round to some countryside gems. Not that Würgau and Kloster Kreuzberg aren't good enough for your first (?) trip, of course.

    Could've brought you some bottles of rare stuff, even by Franconian standards, as well.

    Beware of driving in the Czech Republic though: 0.0% BAC allowed and they do conduct random breathalyzer checks.