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Sunday, October 14, 2012


Everyone knows altbier is the style of Dusseldorf. Not everyone will know: 1) in Dusseldorf, the alt comes straight from a wooden cask on the counter, 2) that if you have drained your glass to the third-full mark (and certainly quarter), you are courting another full glass and tick mark on your beer mat, and 3) that Irish pubs outnumber alt breweries by a not insignificant margin. Now, I am relaxed by that wonderful altbier and I haven't slept for 26 hours, so pardon me while I go, um, zzzzzzz...


  1. Let me know if you spot any handpulls over there.

  2. "Irish pubs outnumber alt breweries by a not insignificant margin"

    Well, Google finds about five Irish pubs in Düsseldorf, and the city's own tourist site finds about the same. Meanwhile, Wikipedia lists nine breweries in the city. So, even assuming Google and the city only list half, I fail to see any truth in your statement.

    Do you have any evidence to back this up or was it the jet-lag talking? Or maybe the poor research skills I've seen demonstrated by you before.

    BTW, what's the ratio of Irish pubs to breweries in Portland?

  3. Do you have any evidence to back this up or was it the jet-lag talking?

    It's a different kind of statement, Mike--a joke. Hyperbole as comedy, my stock-in-trade. But I think those figures are wrong anyway; I'm pretty sure you're including breweries no longer making alt in Düsseldorf. I think there are only four or five left, a fact I'll check down the road.

  4. OK, I like humor as well, but isn't there a time and place for it? I don't find it appropriate in the way you used it, but OK.

    Ũrige, btw, is indeed a great pub and one I visit 2-3 times per year. I wonder how often you'd see a group of old women (12-16 of them) sitting around a table chatting and drinking beer (as I've seen there) in the US?

    For your convenience, here are the nine breweries. This list comes from the German Wikipedia page:

    Brauerei Schumacher
    Brauerei im Füchschen
    Brauerei zum Schlüssel
    Hausbrauerei Alter Bahnhof Oberkassel Gulasch-Bräu
    Vereinshaus Brauerei Unterbach
    Brauerei Möhker in Düsseldorf-Hamm
    Brauerei Kürzer

  5. "Do you have any evidence to back this up or was it the jet-lag talking?"

    Funny enough because Irish pubs are pretty popular wherever they are around the world, regardless of authenticity---from the places in Boston with no TV's, proper Guinness pours, virtually everyone standing (a drinking and socializing style I miss, and pretty rare here unless a place is totally packed)and filled with Irish expats, to the "just out of the box" theme pubs that are more the norm.

    Years ago, I was in Munich heartily enjoying the beers there, met up with some Scottish lads who suggested heading to the Irish pub nearby, and the place was absolutely heaving with young Germans. Met a fine German girl there---ahh, the memories...

  6. @Mike...relax and have another way too serious...we are talking about beer here.
    @Jeff always lurking on your blog and thoroughly enjoy these posts from Europe...opens my eyes to the rest of the beer world. Thanks and keep it the

  7. @Jeff thanks for the awesome European posts. Love it. Opens my eyes to the rest of the beer world....Thanks!

    @Mike....dude relax and have a beer. Seriously? Come on pal we are talking beer here.

  8.'s "Uerige", not "Ürige". If we're going to get particular.