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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Events in My Absence

In about ten days, I climb aboard a plane bound for Dusseldorf, from whence I shall embark upon an excellent adventure.  (More to come on that.)  While I'm taking in the grandeur of German coolships (apparently there are such beasts, and not just in zoigl breweries), interesting things will continue to happen around these parts.  I'd like to draw your attention to two notable events.

Brews for New Avenues 
Saturday, October 13, 2 to 5 (VIP) and 5 to 10pm (General) at the Green Dragon

One of the enduring virtues of the craft beer world is how much folks turn beer into green to benefit worthy causes.  On Saturday, Oct 13, the Green Dragon will be the site of a mini-festival to support New Avenues for Youth.  New Avenues is a very cool organization dedicated to getting homeless kids off the streets.  They do it not only by providing basic needs, but educating kids and training them for jobs. Here's a bit from the announcement:
Featuring the first live rare beer auction to ever be held in Portland, plus rare craft beers on draft, this event is a must-attend for any beer enthusiast. Even better, 100% of the proceeds will go to New Avenues for Youth's programs that help Portland's homeless and at-risk youth.

GENERAL ADMISSION, $10 entry includes a beer, raffle ticket, and commemorative mug. (Get an additional free beer when you buy your ticket in advance online)
  • Portland's first live rare beer auction
  • Rogue chocolate stout beer floats with Ben & Jerry's ice cream
  • Live bluegrass & food carts
  • Free TrackTown rootbeer floats for designated drivers

VIP Pre-Event, $50 entry
  • Only 100 tickets available
  • Exclusive specialty beers & food
  • Silent craft beer auction
  • Commemorative tulip glass
I've seen the list of auction beers, and they're impressive--Fred #1, verticals of Abyss, Dissident, and Black Butte Aniversary, Westvleteren 12, packages of every beer many beers brewed by New Glarus and Cigar City, BridgePort's first five Old Knuckleheads (beginning in 1989), a 9 liter St. Feuillien, and lots more.  For more, visit the website.

Beers Made By Walking
Saturday, Oct 20, 3-8pm, with Meet the Brewers from 3 to 5pm
Belmont Station

This is an extremely cool thing that ex-Portlander (but we still claim him) Eric Steen put together.  I'll let him describe it:"Beers Made By Walking is a program that invites brewers to make beer inspired by nature hikes and urban walks. Each walk is different, each beer is a portrait of that landscape. This summer we invited five breweries to go on nature walks. A botanist/herbalist on each hike identified edible and medicinal plants along the trail and these plants were then used to create innovative beers. We invited brewers in distinct parts of the state and the participating brewers are Coalition and Upright (Portland), Flat Tail (Corvallis), Standing Stone (Ashand), and Deschutes (Bend)."

The beers:
  • Coalition Brewing.  Ale with Stinging Nettles and Salmonberry 
  • Deschutes Brewery.  IPA with Juniper and Sage 
  • Flat Tail Brewing.  Fresh Hop Cherry Saison with Corvallis Cherries and Yarrow 
  • Standing Stone Brewery.  Ale with Sweet Root, and Wild Ginger 
  • Upright Brewing.  Saison with Yarrow and Rose
I really regret that I'm going to miss this--I've long wanted to brew with yarrow (but fearful of its flavor) and stinging nettles?  Fascinating.  So you'll have to go check it out and report back.


  1. Upright's Flora Rustica is also brewed with yarrow. It may be tough to find at this point since it was released in July, but it's definitely worth snagging a bottle if you stumble across any.

  2. Gee, Jeff, does this mean you might actually learn something about German beer(s)? I'm sure you'll find away to write a comparison between Portland and Dusseldorf. Somehow, Portland must have a grandstanding Dusseldorf styled lager that will be compariable. Like anyone here even knows what a Dusseldorf type (style) beer tastes like or as I once heard a Portlander say, DUH-sealdorf. They probably couldn't find Germany on a map....a map of just Europe!