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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Instead of Guinness

It's St. Pádraig's Day today, the one evening when everyone feels compelled to order a Guinness at the pub.  We really don't have a huge range of alternatives.  But the (one, true, Dublin-based) Beer Nut gives us hope
The growth in Ireland's craft brewing scene seems to be concentrating in the north west at the moment: not terribly surprisingly since it's woefully under served with drinkable beer, though it's nice to see that some people at least think there's a market for something different. Tyrone's Red Hand brewery launches its first beer at The Brewer's House this coming weekend, while nearby Poker Tree is expected to be in production later this year, but Donegal has been quietly turning out the ales for a while now.  
He continues on, discussing Donegal and Kinnegar.  Good stuff: go read.


  1. My matrilineal great-great grandmother's surname was MURPHY.
    .. So, on St.P's Day, I hoist an imperial pint of Murphy's Draught [from cans w widgets] Irish Stout and toast her honor.

  2. Jeff, occasionally I order a draught Guinness and I regret to say it is always disappointing, thin and insipid with just a kind of light coffee flavour if that. Only Guinness FES really offers something distinctive in their line, IMO. (Why Guinness has not put that on nitro is a mystery to me).

    And so I lifted different brands yesterday. The best was a blend I made myself, 2 parts an amber craft ale and 1 part Mackeson XXX Stout (4.9%, brewed in Caribbean). Result was an excellent porter-style blend that was traditional in character IMO!

    Good to hear that Irish quality brewing is on the rise at least in some parts of the country. And there is good craft stout in Dublin, Porterhouse for example.


  3. Thanks Jeff!

    Jack, if you want a genuine Irish beer brewed by someone whose name actually is Murphy, look out for Galway Hooker Irish Pale Ale.

  4. TBN,
    Thanks. Good clue.
    .. I will seek the aforementioned when next I visit the Emerald Isle.
    .. If I make it to Roscommon, I will tell Aidan you sent me.

  5. Great blog! I'm not a big fan of Guinness so I am always looking for good alternatives to drink on St. Paddy's day. Not many beer blogs pay much attention to Guinness alternatives. I wish more pubs carried Irish stouts other than Guinness. I have plenty of great beer recommendations at my blog Newport On Tap (