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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

An Evening With Alworth (Friday, Nov 4)

In a bit more than two weeks, Portland's premier literary event, Wordstock, hits town. As one component of that, on Friday, November 4, there will be a simultaneous happening across downtown and in the Pearl--mostly in places that serve drinks. In three phases, book events, readings, and various literary fun stuff will happen, including a talk I'll be giving at the Big Legrowlski:

Jeff Alworth on Litcrawl
Big Legrowlski

Friday, Nov 4, 7pm
812 NW Couch St, Portland

The event is free, and it will be a freewheeling discussion about beer style and the weirdness of national brewing traditions. I will tell funny tales about strange practices and relate them to the beer we're drinking (I hope to have one designated beer, in case people want to taste along). It's a free event, though it will of course be far more entertaining if you have a beer in your hand. I always encourage audience participation, and these events are usually a blast.

Please join me! (Did I mention it was free?)

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