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Monday, October 31, 2016

Important Notices

I wanted to start the week off with a reminder that it will end with a rousing evening at Litcrawl when I'll be speaking at the Big Legrowlski:

Jeff Alworth at Litcrawl
Big Legrowlski

Friday, Nov 4, 7pm
812 NW Couch St, Portland
The subject of the talk--which I hope is punctuated by chatty discussion from attendees--will be the way national tradition shapes beer style. I'll give a classic example, and then describe the emergence of the newest national brewing tradition, and how it's unlike anything we've ever seen before. I'll coordinate with the pub to have two beers on tap that illustrate these points (they'll be used to demonstrate how flavors arise from the weird practices in each country), and we can taste them as we go. It will absolutely be fun for the whole family, so please come.

I'll bring some Beer Bibles along in case anyone wants to buy a signed copy. Great for the holiday season! (Please bring cash; I don't know that I'll be able to swing credit cards.)

I also have two podcasting notes. First, Patrick and I have been swamped with various thins and haven't gotten a Beervana Podcast finished in awhile. Apologies. We'll try to get on that. And introducing...

The Four Top
Oregon Public Broadcasting has (finally!) started to put together a portfolio of podcasts. One is called The Four Top, hosted by local wine writer Katherine Cole, on the subject of food, dining, and beverages. I've been a regular member of the panel of four, along with names you'd recognize like Lucy Burningham and Jacob Grier. We're trying to build interest and listenership, so please check it out:
The Four Top: Soundcloud, Stitcher, iTunes

Oh, and: boo!

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