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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Recreating a Stock Pale Ale in Chicago

We have another Very Special Episode for you on the latest edition of the Beervana Podcast. And actually, I'm not just horsing around. This week we hear the story of how brewing historian Ron Pattinson worked with Mike Siegel at Goose Island to recreate a 19th century stock pale ale. (To get fully meta, here's a blog post from Ron referring to the podcast you see beneath these lines.)

Stock pales are one of the more fascinating discoveries in the Pattinson trove--one I've been interested in for years now. It was a pleasure to speak to Mike and Ron about the process, and pick up a few fascinating tidbits about brewing on the side. I know there's a fair number of you who read both Ron's and my blog, so this should be right up your alley. 

You can find the episode on all the usual channels, and a plea here from Patrick and I: send us your comments/questions/criticisms. We have yet to fully launch the mailbag feature and get that conversation going we'd so love to have. So please holler: the_beerax(at) Also, please consider rating us on iTunes, which will help boost our standing in the charts and get the pod out to more beer-lovin' folks.

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