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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hamm's Beer Commercial

So, this isn't one of the classics from my youth--it's even earlier. But you still get the beer bear and the classic tune. Plus BONUS lyrics. Behold:

From the land of lakes and sunset breezes
-- Hamm's beer --
Dance and sparkle in each glassful [?]
-- Hamm's beer --
Hamm's, the beer refreshing
Hamm's, the beer refreshing


Jon said...

A couple of years ago I posted about Hamm's, and the lyrics are here. I remember the (color) commercials from the 70s, too.

Jeff Alworth said...

Can you--or anyone--definitively make out those extra lyrics? They were apparently lost somewhere during the Eisenhower administration.

thirstypeanut said...

Wikipedia has the lyrics

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