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Thursday, June 25, 2009


The blogosphere is an organism, and it functions best when all the parts are working together. In the last couple days, I've had posts that produced comments like:
"Come on, I posted a link to that weeks ago when we had this discussion."
"I think Angelo has blogged the $2 tuesdays [at Eastburn] at least twice. And I twitter it atleast every week."
"You should read It's Pub Night more carefully ;-). I blogged about the $2 @eastburn pints in Feb."
I have been remiss. In atonement, I will show a little link love. Please bail me out by following the links that interest you. In the blogosphere, nothing's nicer than a little extra traffic.
  • Derek, for example, has a review of the much-hyped John John Dead Guy--Rogue's flagship aged in Dead Guy Whiskey barrels. (Dead Guy Whiskey is made from a wort of Dead Guy ale, which makes this a slightly incestuous beer.) I find his review highly plausible.
  • Corey taps a firkin. He hopes the act will get people more interested in cask beer. Fair enough, but I was already interested.
Oh, and hey, did anyone hear that Eastburn has $2 pints on Tuesdays?


  1. Thank you so much, Jeff...I got 23 hits today because of your link-love.

  2. Even the MSM guy blogged about EastBurn and $2 pints some months ago... ;-)
    but only you are Beervana, man.

  3. Yeah, but do you know where I can get $2 pints on Tuesday?